Janet's book contains pages of helpful links and resources. What follows are links of helpful sites that are not necessarily listed in it.

Association of British Orchestras: or

The Performing Arts Medical Association (PAMA):

Alexander Technique:

American Physical Therapy Association:

American Tinnitus Association:

Andover Educators, What Every Musician Should Know

Dental, Jaw, Embouchure & Facial Resource:

Musicians and Injuries:

British Performing Arts Medical Trust (BPAMT) Association for Medical Advisors to British Orchestras:

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation:

Eastman School of Music Learning Center:

Feldenkrais Method:

Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers:

Amy Likar and Barbara Conable, Andover educators:

Richard Norris: Musician's Survival Manual in a new 2011 downloadable format:

Performance Anxiety Musicans' Wellness Inc.:

Pedro de Alcantara:

Piano mapping, movement retraining for pianists, Thomas Mark:


No Noise:

Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation, Inc.: